Around the Leg Recalls: Text Instruction

Goal:  This game is great for all dog sports, but also fun for dogs to run and turn with focused attention on you!

We are looking for the dog to turn tight around your foot/ leg. You are building VALUE for driving to your side and turning into the with you! This is also a great game to play to keep your dogs attention in a busy environment once it is rich in reinforcement from layers of playing this game.

Equipment:  Treats / Toys

Suggested Training Area Size: Minimum 6’ x 6’ (2m x 2m)

Step 1: Working Close

You will work close at first to get your mechanics correct. You may even wish to try it without your dog to get the step in the right direction and pattern train yourself before getting your dog!

With your dog on your right (you will do both sides), recall the dog from approximately 10 ft away and, as he comes up on your right to get to you, step back with your left foot — imagine a straight line on the ground — your right foot will plant and your left foot will step BACK along the same straight line behind you so the dog is just zipping up beside you and back along the same line. The dog turns tight around your foot and gets rewarded.

Work on at least 10 recalls on each side! You may choose to have the dog in a control position of sit or down or at the end of a loose leash when you recall them. You may have to attempt this a few times to get it correct and to tighten the turn. Keep trying. Reinforcement builds behaviour!

Step 2: Adding Distance

Once you have mastered the mechanics and your dog is turning nice and tightly around your leg you can add more distance to the recall.


Dog still goes wide. Decrease the recall distance.  This will take some of the speed out of the exercise and assist with getting the mechanics correct so the dog can learn the physical skill. With understanding the speed will come back. You can then lengthen the distance again.